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About Us

CSS is a private-nonprofit organization originally formed in January 1985 by the Chesapeake Community Services Board to provide vocational opportunities and habilitation to people with mental retardation. Since then, CSS has expanded and is now serving the Hampton Roads Area.

Eventually, we target being a statewide and possibly even a nationwide provider of vocational services for people with disabilities. We are endeavoring to reduce the 70% unemployment in this country for people with severe disabilities.

Pursuant to the Olmstead Employment Initiative, we also are seeking to free people with the most severe disabilities from segregated non-productive environments so that they can develop properly and be included and valued for their communities.

The following are services offered be CSS to people with disabilities:

  • Integrated Employment in Industrial Settings
  • Enclave and Mobile Work Crew job opportunities.
  • Supported Employment Services that focus on the quality of the placement.
  • Job Placement and Training.
  • Employment for Ticket to Work participants.
  • Advocacy for inclusion and acceptance into the community for all people with disabilities.
  • Transitional Services from school to work.


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