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Are you in the business of direct labor leasing • laundry • grounds keeping • painting • janitorial • food service • assembly and sub-assembly • labor intense tasks • packaging • mailing/collating • heat sealing • shrink wrapping we have solutions to you business challenges.

Problem: Rising Labor Costs

Solution: Many organizations are paying skilled laborers or temporary employees to perform unskilled tasks. Let CSS eliminate the problem. We’ll give you a piece-rated bid, so you’ll get what you pay for. Our objective is to save you money on labor. No only that, we guarantee the quality of all work performed. Our workers always show up on time to get the job done.

Problem: Fluctuating Work Demands

Solution: Hiring and Training expenses can become very costly for employers who have seasonal demands or are unsure of their future product demands. CSS offers its clients transition crews consisting of one to twenty employees who are able to work between one and five days a week.

Problem: Escalating Human Resource Costs

Solution: Contract with CSS to perform various tasks previously done by workers in-house. this can eliminate the expense of costly benefits packages. We also recruit and select qualified workers. Employee benefits average about 40% of salary.

Problem: Lack of Community Involvement

Solution: All CSS workers have a disability, but are far from being disabled! By contracting with CSS, your company not only receives quality service performed in a timely, efficient manner, but it also enhances your public image as a community service leader.

Problem: Shrinking Production Space

Solution: If declining production space is a problem facing your company, let us help. CSS has work crews that can come to your facility or work at our production plant. We have over 100 potential workers to work on any given project at our production facility.

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