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Hiring People with Disabilities

Many businesses with non-disabled employees experience various issues such as high turnover, absenteeism, tardiness, and unmotivated employees. this negatively affects their bottom line and the morale. CSS is proud that the employees we provide to organizations demonstrate a new set of standard. The average person placed through CSS stays at least 4 years with the business that hires them.

Is your business experiencing these problems?

  • Decreasing entry-level workforce
  • Rising labor costs
  • Declining quality of work
  • Recruiting and training costs
  • Increasing employee turnover
  • Lacking diversity and community involvement

Are you in the business of direct labor leasing • laundry • grounds keeping • painting • janitorial • food service • assembly and sub-assembly • labor intense tasks • packaging • mailing/collating • heat sealing • shrink wrapping.

Hiring people with disabilities (supported employment) offers business owners real solutions to these challenges.

Supported employment is a means of meeting your employment needs and at the same time, contributing to the development of a capable person with a disability as a productive and valued worker. Through jobs, persons with disabilities are integrated into the community and encouraged to expand and grow to their maximum potential.

Supported employment provides business owners:

  • An immediate pool of available workers
  • A federal tax credit for employers of individuals with disabilities
  • A dependable, motivated workforce who have excellent attendance, loyalty, and punctuality records
  • Experienced, professional job coaches at no extra cost to train, supervise, and provide support services for the employee at your place of business. The job coach is there to guarantee the job gets done accurately and timely.
  • Long-term support to assure employee success and employer satisfaction.
  • An opportunity to enhance your image as a community service leader by hiring persons with disabilities.

To receive a free video and packet of information on how your business can participate in supported employment services, please contact: Delinda Swanston, Rehabilitation Services Supervisor at  or call 757-312-0456 ext. 351.

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