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Here at CSS we have many programs for individuals to choose from including:

  • Laundry facility - located in Portsmouth
  • Shrink-wrapping/Packaging Division - located in Chesapeake
  • Food Services - located in Virginia Beach and Chesapeake
  • Mobile Work Crews - located in Chesapeake
  • Community Enclaves - located in Chesapeake
  • Supportive Employment - located in all cities from Hampton Roads, VA to Outer Banks, NC.

By choosing one of the above programs to work at you are allowing Chesapeake Service Systems to offer the following:

  • Sheltered Employment that offers integration experiences in the community
  • Enclave and Mobile Work Crew job opportunities
  • Supported Employment Services that focus on the quality of the placement
  • Job Placement and Training
  • Advocacy for inclusion and acceptance into the community for all people with disabilities
  • Transitional Services from school to work

Call CSS and we will arrange for an intake meeting to discuss the details of our available services.  Assessments are then scheduled.  Our goal is to assess individuals for their potential level: placement is determined by the degree of supports needed.

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