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Mobile Work Crews

Chesapeake Service Systems Public Works Crew is a dedicated group of individuals who go out into the community to pick up trash on the highways and streets of Chesapeake.  Public Works currently contains two crews that help to keep the city beautiful for visitors and residents.

A day in the life of PWC:

  • Your day will begin by being picked up and brought to the main office where you will be responsible for clocking in using your time card.
  • After both crews have arrived at the office and are ready to go everyone will assist staff with attaching and securing the trailer to the Public Works Van, everyone will put on their work vests and gloves before proceeding to fill the ice cooler and making sure their initials are on drinks before putting them into the cooler to keep cold.
  • And off we go to the job site of the day!
  • When arriving at the job site Clean up Crew work signs will be placed on the job site and any materials needed for the day will be gathered from the van such as bags, buckets, and gathering tongs.
  • Now we start our work, walking along the roads with staff picking up trash and placing filled bags or buckets in the back of the trailer bed.
  • At the end of the day everything is put away and we head back to the office while enjoying a snack and cool drink.
  • At the office we will help detach the trailer, unload bags from the trailer into the dumpster and use our time cards to clock out.


Public Works Crew works Monday through Friday from 6:45am to 1:30pm if the weather permits.

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