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Shrink – Wrapping/ Packaging Division

Chesapeake Service Systems (CSS) is a locally owned and operated business located in Chesapeake, Virginia. We have been in business since 1985 and offer packaging and repackaging of products, inspections for defects of any kind, and many other needs for companies who require that extra hand needed to get the job done.

Our Chesapeake location has over 100 individuals working on a contract at any given time. One of our main contracts deals with sizing, stripping, and putting together kits for home entertainment needs. We also specialize in packaging of various military insignias, labeling of products, stuffing various types of envelopes, packaging of jewelry, shrink wrapping, and commercial and industrial business.

Over the years, CSS has become one of the most diversified packaging operations in the Southeast. We have invested heavily in technology making us one of the most efficient plants anywhere. We provide a host of textile services on both a rental plan and customer owned basis to all kinds of business and institutions in a large service area. Our customer oriented staff takes pride in answering your questions, insuring prompt delivery and maintaining professional service.

Let us make you look good. We are the company to get your packaging needs met quickly with the personal services you want. We look forward to providing you with the best service, in the least amount of time.  CSS has become a leader in products and unmatched customer focused service for the Southeast.

We realize that our customers are putting a significant amount of trust in our ability to process their packaging needs for their business. Since they are entrusting their business success to us, many of our customers wish to inspect our facilities. We love these visits! Our customers are welcome to visit our facility at any time with or without prior notice.

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